How are you doing during this pandemic? Yes, it feels never-ending and I know many are getting what has been coined as “Covid Fatigue.” Honestly, I would love life to go back to normal. However, I am realistic and know mask wearing and social distancing may be our new “normal” for quite some time. In fact, it is a necessity if we are going to combat this virus.

Current conditions create dilemmas for artists. We have not only had to find ways to stay creative and productive, but we now have to be creative in how we get our work in the public eye. It may be a long time before we can safely open our doors to the public. In an instant our online presence has become a priority. Our typical Facebook and Instagram postings don’t seem like enough.

The Main Street Artists are in the process of creating a new website. Our current one at is old and tired. If it doesn’t excite us any longer, how can we expect it to excite potential buyers? It is important to take stock once in a while and reevaluate your needs. Change is good. A fresh new look with new options will be just what the art doctor ordered. Our domain name will remain the same but hopefully in a few months you will discover a much more exciting, interactive and welcoming website when you visit us. Look for our future online “shop!” We have not had this option before and we are excited about it.

We are also hoping to have a special section for underprivileged young artists to share their work via our website. The Main Street Artists have always given back and this could be a new way to continue doing so.

We hope you stay safe and healthy, wear your masks, and practice social distancing. Some of us have been coming back to the studio to create but we wear our masks or face shields, wash our hands regularly, sanitize surfaces regularly and social distance within the studio. We will look forward to showing off our new website when it is created.  In the meantime, here are a few pieces that I have created during this pandemic.

~ Suzi Zefting-Kuhn

My heroine.

WIP of Annika in oil on a linen panel

WIP of granddaughter Annika on linen panel

Annika, A Drawing