Happy New Year Everyone. During this coming week a few of my fellow studio mates and myself will sit down and write down our art goals for the new year. it is an exercise we enjoy, and it is enlightening to see how we did with our goals from the previous year.

The act of writing your art goals down on paper helps to solidify them in your mind, and serves as an incentive to follow through during the year. They also serve to set a framework for upcoming art projects and how we plan to spend our year. The latter is most important and effective for me. I do like to be organized, or as best as I can be organized, so writing down my art goals helps me to visual my plan, my year.

Last year I decided to limit the national exhibitions I entered to alleviate time away from my studio in case I managed to get into some of those shows. I entered online competitions mostly instead. It saved me time, wear and tear on my car, and I painted more. But just like with the other national shows, you win some and lose some. I had my fair share of rejections this past year entering online competitions but also had a big win! I won one of the top three awards in the last online competition I entered on a whim. In addition to cash and several gift certificates to art supply companies, I will also be a part of a podcast which will air January 4th (Savvy Painters Podcast with Antrese Wood). Doing the recording for the podcast was a new experience and quite fun, and I look forward to hear what Antrese puts together.

In addition to outlining a plan for my art for the coming year, having the goals on paper make me accountable in some way. I can refer to them periodically to see how I am doing. Life happens as they say, so I don’t beat myself up too much if things are not progressing the way I had envisioned. I can usually get back on track before the year is up.

What will your 2018 art goals be? Stop back to see what goals I set for myself.

Happy New Year!