It is not often that I have several paintings that are finished about the same time. I tend to be a slow painter mostly because I am involved in many other things beyond my creating.

Myself and a few of my other art friends had the opportunity to have n’jelle Gage model for us for several weeks. n’jelle is a dancer and also founder of FuturPoint Dance here in Rochester, NY. She is tall, lithe and was an absolute joy to paint for me. I did several drawings of her, a small watercolor portrait, an unfinished oil and finally this pastel portrait.

A Dream Fulfilled      Pastel
I was paid a compliment by a viewer one day. He was visiting my studio and after studying this portrait for some time, looked at me, smiled, and said ‘Wow! I want to meet her!’  I love it when that type of reaction happens!  
My second completed piece is an oil, a still life to be exact. When I was born, Sidney Porter (best known as O’Henry) gave my grandfather a set of his books as a gift for me. The books have survived many a move with my family with one tragedy~~unfortunately the one book Sidney signed seems to have gone AWOL. The remainder of the set is in my possession and I treasure the worn, antiqued look of them. I have been doing a series of still life of sorts over the past few years which include one or more of the O’Henry books. This is the latest in that ‘series’:
Memories in Antique     Oil
I have a few more ideas floating around in my head regarding this subject so there will be more to come!