Please forgive the long absence!  Each week I had intentions of writing my thoughts, and each week flew by just as fast as the one before it.

This week’s  topic will be ‘Facing Your Fears’ or more appropriately MY fears as yours may be very different than mine. I have been studying, creating art for many years now. This fall I came to realize that it is now time to give some of it back.  In doing so I must conquer my fear of speaking in front of groups or painting in front of groups. So far since last winter  I have conducted a one day workshop on hands.  I have done a demo for a local art club. I participated in the New York Figure Study Guild’s Figure in Time event in which myself and four other artists painted/drew in front of the public while working from a live model. Believe me if that won’t get your nerves on alert! At the onset of that event I was amazed I could keep my pencil in my hand! And even more so, I am amazed that my product at the end actually looked like a human being! Getting through that was both monumental and satisfying for me. It proved to me that I could do that, I could survive it and be the better for it.

Of course part of the battle is feeling as though I have nothing of note to share. As artists, I think we naturally are always questioning our abilities, questioning our knowledge. It struck me to have my peers come up to me and say ‘ It was so interesting to see how you do that!’ Or ‘that was amazing to watch!’.  What do I know sitting in my studio five days a week working away? I guess I know more than I thought. Learning to communicate that knowledge in a way that is instructive and enjoyable for others is now my mission. It doesn’t hurt that I am learning more along the way!

Here is my one day workshop information for those of you who may have an interest in the topic of painting animals/pets, which of course also applies to humans:

Capturing the Soul of Your Beloved Pet
With Suzi Zefting-Kuhn

This one day workshop will teach you how to cap-ture your beloved pet in pastel. Though Suzi will be work-ing pastel you may work in other mediums (except acrylic). Learn how to choose a good reference photograph. Stu-dents will work from their own photographs after we choose the best one and should be able to get a good start on their painting. Minimum 6 students, maximum 10. Three spots are currently waiting to be filled in order to make this a go!

When: October 27, 2012 10am-3pm
Cost: $60

Contact: suzi@suzizefting-kuhn
or 585-233-5645

Next week:  A Day in the Life of Me