Day Two   Realizing
the Visual Experience
with Daniel Greene
Greene is very much a creature of habit. He always uses an extra large palette,
painted to a neutral. He uses the same colors for every painting and they are
in the same position on his palette for each painting.   He uses sable brushes #1-9 and filberts
first marks are semi dry stain-like marks on the canvas.  He works larger shapes to smaller shapes and
lighter colors to darker colors.

The painting
He begins
with the darks to the middle tones to the lights.  Looks for an order of the darks.  Works in masses initially. His darks are done
in relatively thin paint. 
pays attention to the strokes in order to be conscious of glare. His middle
tones and lights will not go down as masses but instead will be strokes that
will ‘knit together’ eventually.

Placement of
color is important at this stage.
In the next
stage he will re-draw with burnt umber and go lightly with brushstrokes to cut
down on glare. He makes corrections with paint and with drawing with
paint.  His steps are repeated throughout
the painting process until he is satisfied with the end result.