is a unique art community. For the past four years the historic
Rochester Art Club and the younger New York Figure Study Guild have been
bringing nationally acclaimed artists to our community to conduct
workshops and provide demonstrations or presentations for the public.

have had Mary Whyte, Robert Liberace, Frank Serrano and, recently,
Susan Lyon hosted by the Rochester Art Club. We have had Mau-Kun Yim,
Stephen Early, Darren Kinglsey, Ellen Cooper and, recently, Scott
Burdick hosted by the New York Figure Study Guild. Nationally acclaimed
artists Lyon and Burdick gave wonderful presentations of their travels
to Europe, Africa and Nepal, and how they create artwork from their
travel photos.

time we bring one or more of these acclaimed artists to our area they
leave feeling like they have experienced something special. They tell us
time and time again how blessed we are to have this art community in
our area. They leave here spreading the word how great it is to come to
Rochester to do a workshop. Yes, we are blessed here. There are numerous
ties between some of the local art organizations, crossover in
membership, great communication and wonderful support.

are numerousevents happening in Rochester within the art community in
the near future. Please do not neglect the first-ever Invitational Art
Exhibition that will happen in early June in correlation with the
Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra at the request of conductor Arild

just for starters. The Rochester Art Club is hosting a five-day workshop
in late August this year with another nationally acclaimed artist,
Elizabeth Robbins, with a free open-to-the-public demonstration at the
Memorial Art Gallery and is bringing back Robert Liberace in the fall of
2013 at his request. The New York Figure Study Guild is hosting
nationally acclaimed watercolorist Charles Reid this October. Hollis
Duncan and Sherri McGraw are tentatively slated to conduct workshops for
the Guild in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

Help support the art community in Rochester. We are a special population with much to offer.
Suzi Zefting-Kuhn is president of the Rochester Art Club and Loree Harpole is president of the New York Figure Study Guild.