I have said it before but sometimes life gets in the way of our intentions. My intention was to blog once very week. That hasn’t happened. I have taken a few detours along the way but they have been wonderful detours for me. 

Last week I hosted, on behalf of the Rochester Art Club, nationally acclaimed artist, Susan Lyon, in my studio at the Hungerford. There was much preparation before her arrival and then the week just happened!  I had sixteen artists in the studio every day with Susan guiding us and teaching us her style of drawing. It was meditative, frustrating, satisfying all in one. I just love it when one of these nationally acclaimed artists comes to our city, sees what a wonderful art community we have here and the camaraderie, and magic happens! By the end of the five day drawing workshop all of us were understanding what Sue was telling us, showing us and we were on our way to being advocates of drawing, drawing, drawing and from life when we could!

Here is an example of the work Susan does….her last demo on the last day of our workshop:

I love bringing nationally acclaimed artists to Rochester!  It is so enriching and I have walked away with something from each and every one of them.  I think the most important lesson I have learned is that they are just like me, and us! They are humble, they are struggling at times, they just keep on working and working.  That is the lesson here……..keep at it!  Practice, practice, practice!  And know that you are part of something unique here in Rochester NY. I heard it again this past week. We have something different here. Take pride in that you are a part of that!

Happy painting and especially drawing! I am inspired! Thank you Susan Lyon!