This morning I finished the last of three pet portraits. All were done on Wallis Professional grade paper in pastel. Now to call the framer! Then off to Dr. Coleen Scoda’s veterinary office. Hopefully some commissions will come my way.

While this was a fun distraction it is now time to get back to Jazz Hands VII and hopefully finish that up by the end of the week. Do you find it difficult to get back into a project when it has sat on the side line for a bit? I do. I will find myself staring at my oil paints and then at the canvas and then at the photograph reference.  And then back to the oil paints. There will most likely be a big question mark in my head.  Where do I begin again? How did I mix THAT color? What would improve this painting? And of course as the week goes on I will be asking myself ‘Am I done yet?’  Ah, the question of all artists.