Why do I like painting hands you might ask?  Why would ANYONE like painting hands?! Well I find them as expressive as the human face.  If you think about it our hands are never really idle except perhaps during sleep and even then sometimes the muscles have a mind of their own. Hands can tell a lot about a person as well. How many times have you seen a woman whose face looks smooth, taut and you wonder….hmmm…just look at their hands and that will tell you if they have had plastic surgery on their face or not. Occupations can be discerned at times by looking at someone’s hands. We artists usually have paint splatters on ours or pastel under our fingernails. Laborers have hands that are rugged looking and strong. My husband has been a chiropractor for over 35 years and his hands have pronounced joints due to the constant manipulations he does on a day to day basis. The gesture of the hand can also tell you if  the person is relaxed or anxious. I could go on and on. 

It was some of this curiosity one day that caused me to look at my husband’s hand as he played his saxophone. I decided to challenge myself to see if I could recreate the action and movement in hands of those playing musical instruments. Each one is different and exciting. Jazz Hands VII is nearing completion and then on to Jazz Hands VIII which will be female hands playing a Steinway piano!  Lots of challenges ahead on that one!