We have all been there before, those of us who enter numerous exhibitions that is. We know from experience that judging is shall we say a ‘crap shoot’.  What is loved by one judge will be shunned by another. It is the name of the game of art exhibitions.  Needless to say it is still disappointing when you go in with your hopes high and then in the end you walk out with nothing. I had high hopes for ‘Ageless’.  It was juried in to the Penfield Art Association show last week. I am grateful that it survived the cut of 87 entered paintings to 45 hanging. I had been receiving very positive remarks about the painting all week.  I entered the Community Room this afternoon to find sometimes a group of people standing in front of my piece admiring it. So your hopes build even more.  My fellow artists say to me ‘ it should get Best in Show’. The fact of the matter is that my fellow artists were not the juror.  And in the end when the awards were announced it did not receive an award at all. Some of my fellow artists came up to me with puzzled looks on their faces and said once again ‘ It should have been Best of Show’.  I thank them for their concern.  I was disappointed if I am going to be honest here. However after my short pity party I move on.  How can I move on so quickly you ask?  I have been here before. I have had a painting shunned by a local juror only to have that same painting jury into a national exhibition and win a national award!  You just never know. And that is how I keep positive. The most important part for me is that ‘Ageless’ was a joy to create and I, ME, Suzi feel good about it. I am proud of it. That is what counts really.
Tomorrow I will back in the studio doing what I love and of course thinking about the next exhibition I will enter! Yes, we are sometimes gluttons for punishment aren’t we? Happy Painting!