Right now I have three paintings sitting on my easels here at the studio. Attention deficit much? or trying to follow at least one of my New Year’s resolutions : Complete one painting a month and have more than one painting on the easels at one time?  I suspect all of the above.
This portrait in pastel has me excited. I love it when a vision I had before beginning a piece actually begins to take shape and fulfill that vision. My model had been posing for us and during one of our breaks I had her play with the feathered fan she brought and managed to catch ‘the smiling eyes’. Her skin is rather ‘weathered’ and I had to decide whether to leave wrinkles out or put them in. I chose to leave them in as I believe it adds something to the overall portrait and its effect on the viewer. It also helped with the title of the piece, ‘Ageless’. We are never too old to play.
The portrait is almost done and I will post a photo of the completed painting soon. Stay tuned for Project #2 on my easels! Happy Creating!