A new year has begun and I am trying something new with blogging. Join me weekly for a journey through my creative process which includes joy, wonder, surprise, frustration, creative blocks and sometimes successes! I will share them all with you. 
Why the purple painter? My favorite color is purple. My studio is mostly decorated in purple. I know instinctively that the color calms me. I did a little research on the color purple and this is what I found. 
Purple is:

  1. The ideal color because it is a combination of the warm red and the cool blue.
  2. It brings peace of mind, calm.
  3. It signifies good judgement (well I could find some instances where I did not utilize that feature in some of my paintings!)
  4. It is uplifting.
  5. It encourages creativity. 

So there it is. On that note to the easel I go. I love it when I see the purples in the skin tones and can’t wait to get it down on the paper or canvas. I am going to do that now!